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Seniorly Creations

Winter Snowflake Hanging Craft Kit/ 6 Count or 12 Count

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This craft kit includes:

6 or 12 wood square panels (6 inch)

6 or 12 6x6 fabric squares

Wire for hanger

1 bottle white acrylic paint

6 or 12 laser-cut wood snowflakes

Jute ribbon for border

Residents will add glue onto the wood panel and then affix the square piece of material on. Next, they will use the included paintbrush to paint the snowflake with the white paint. Then, they will trim the material from the edges of their squares. Once this is done, they can glue 6- inch pieces of the ribbon around the edges. Finally, glue the snowflake in the center of the square and the Christmas greenery on with hot glue gun. Then hot glue the wire piece on the back.