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Seniorly Creations

Simple Valentine's Day Puffy Heart Craft Kit 6 Count or 12 Count

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This craft kit includes:

6 or 12 six by six Pine wood inset boards

Pre-cut assorted fabric heart sets

white paint


The first step to this craft is to paint the square board white. It will take 2 coats. While the first coat is drying, glue the front and back of your heart with tacky glue leaving a 1.5 inch opening. Give it a few minutes to set up and then stuff with the fiber fill. Glue the remaining opening. Let the heart dry while painting the second coat of white. Once the boards are dry, hot glue the heart in the center.

This is a simple decoration for Valentine's Day. It can be embellished further if your residents would like but is very nice as is. It would make a great gift or perfect for craft shows! This craft also would be nice for girls to do at a party. Our crafts are very versatile!