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  • completed craft from Seniorly Creations. primitive winter tree painted on pine board.
  • primitive winter tree painted on pine board. craft kit from Seniorly Creations.
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Seniorly Creations

Primitive Winter Tree Craft Kit/ 6 Count or 12 Count

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This craft kit includes:

 twelve- inch pine boards

1 bottle of gel stain

1 bottle of white acrylic paint

 snowflake tree toppers


foam brushes


*Enough supplies are included for either the 6 count or the 12 count.

Residents will stain the boards which will dry very quickly. Gel stain is used which is less messy and easier to work with. Once the boards are dry, they will glue their snowflake at the top and then paint their tree with the white paint. Staff can help them paint a basic primitive tree such as the ones shown, or those with more artistic abilities can be more creative. Once the tree is dry add glue and glitter!

* Glue is not included in this kit.


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