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Luna Anderson

MGA's Miniverse Make It Mini Food Multipack

MGA's Miniverse Make It Mini Food Multipack

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What do you do when you combine crafting with collectability meet Miniverse, Make it Mini food the only mini collectible that you can prep, set display. Each multipack comes with realistic mini "Ingredients" and kitchen accessories to make your own mini replicas of your favorite snacks and desserts the 5 exclusive recipes that come in this multipack can only be found in this pack and cannot be found in the Make it Mini cafe or diner ball capsules. Compare the contents of your package with the included collector's guide, to see which mini you have. Follow the "Recipe" card on the back to prep your mini. Once you have finished creating your mini, set your replica in any Uv light until the resin has hardened. Once it's set, you have got a collectible ready for display the fun doesn't stop there your finished replica is not the only item worth collecting. The mini kitchen accessories and packaging are just as cute and collectible. From mini replica versions of a pizza box to chocolate syrup bottles, and faux milk cartons - there are so many unique Make it Mini food multipack replica ingredients, packages, and kitchen accessories to collect and create your very own mini collectibles.

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