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Luna Anderson

Elvie - Pump - Single Electric Breast Pump

Elvie - Pump - Single Electric Breast Pump

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Thanks to the Elvie Pump Single Electric Breast Pump you can express breast milk while on the move. The pump is completely silent so the whirring noise you may be familiar with from using other electric breast pumps is no more which is especially useful for those who pump during the night. The set contains The Elvie Electric Breast Pump The Elvie pump is simple to attach and fits snuggly inside your bra meaning you can carry out your daily routine without disruption. It comes complete with a carry case and USB charging cable. The Elvie Pump App The pump pairs with the free Elvie app which has a host of features revolutionising the pumping experience even more. Measure milk volume in real-time turn the pump on and off and increase or decrease pump intensity all from your smartphone for discreet pumping at your fingertips. Two Elvie Pump 150ml capacity bottles The pack comes complete with two bottles which have a maximum volume of 150ml. Once full you can either pop one of the included storage lids onto the bottle for later use or you can attach one of the Elvie pump bottle teats and it's ready for baby. Two Elvie Pump Bra Adjusters The bra adjusters are included in the package to keep you feeling comfortable and secure whilst wearing the pump no matter what size or type of bra you are wearing. The Elvie Pump Breast Shields 24mm and 28mm breast shields are also included with the Elvie Pump minimising discomfort while pumping.

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