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Luna Anderson

Dorman Help AT Shift Cable Bushing, 2 piece

Dorman Help AT Shift Cable Bushing, 2 piece

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Dorman Engine Management Solutions Dorman has been at the forefront of innovation in developing repair solutions since 1918. Their quality products and creative solutions are motivated by providing customer value and are engineered to be easier to repair saving you money. By identifying known OE faults, Dorman鈥檚 aim is to deliver an effective solution which has led to their catalogue consisting of over 118,000 parts and continues to grow. Dorman products focus on providing value, both in the quality of products and the creativity of solutions. IM Group are the authorised reseller of Dorman products and their four major categories of Power-train, Automotive Body, Chassis, and Hardware cover thousands of automotive repair solutions. For example, their extensive engine management parts range covers VVT Solenoids, Sensors, Valves, Gaskets, Thermostat housings, Fuel Lines, Hoses, Pumps and many more. IM Group鈥檚 Dorman product range extends to passenger vehicles, diesel vehicles, and heavy-duty applications. It includes many sub-components to fix common OE faults, saving you valuable time and money. By fitting quality replacement Dorman products to your car, you can drive with the confidence that your car will run to its maximum potential in terms of power, efficiency and longevity and that all of your car's features will continue to operate correctly for time to come. So whether you're replacing a switch or sensor or any product Dorman produce a quality part for, trust Dorman to give you the best. Find hundreds of Dorman products on the Repco website or visit your nearest Repco store and speak with one of our team about the right Dorman automotive solution today.

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