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Luna Anderson

Crystal Head Aurora Vodka

Crystal Head Aurora Vodka

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Crystal Head Vodka Aurora will blow your mind. Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd's crystal-clear Crystal Head Vodka already managed to amaze the masses. Aurora followed suit with great taste and looks. Aykroyd's second stroke of genius comes in an iridescent bottle shining with beautiful colors reminiscent of the aurora borealis (get the name now?). Unlike the brand's original vodka, which was distilled from corn, Crystal Head Vodka Aurora is manufactured using wheat from North Yorkshire, England. The wheat is five-times distilled with fresh glacier water from Newfoundland. The filtration process contains seven steps - four of them include a filtration through charcoal and the final three see the distillate going through a layer of Herkimer diamonds. Crystal Head Vodka Aurora is incredibly clean and comes with soft notes of flowers and anise. It is slightly drier and more spicy than its predecessor and surprises with warmth and slight sweetness in the finish.

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