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Seniorly Creations

Button Christmas Tree Craft Kit 6 Count/12 Count

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This kit includes:

6 or 12 Twelve Inch Pine Boards

Scrapbook paper in assorted plaids-pre-cut

Jute ribbon for border

white buttons

wood half beads for trunk

burlap ribbon

4 or 8 ounces Mod Podge

Wood stars

The first step is to paint the wood board with Mod Podge and then place scrapbook paper on and press to smooth. Glue jute ribbon around the border. Then, glue the wood star in the center towards the top. Have your seniors place their buttons in a triangle pattern and then glue on. Next glue 4 wood half beads for the trunk. Fashion the burlap ribbon into a bow hanger and hot glue to the back. This project will take a little time but turns out so nice!