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Seniorly Creations

Burlap Pom Pom Christmas Tree Craft Kit 6 Count or 12 Count

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This kit includes:

7- inch foam cones

burlap ribbon pre-cut for each tree


pom poms in assorted colors and sizes

star for tree- top

These Christmas trees are so festive and set up for success for your residents! Short pins with heads are used to hold the burlap ribbon on which are easier to grasp and push in. The pins have white heads which add to the decoration of the tree. Once the burlap is on, the tree can be decorated with the pom poms.  Regular tacky glue can be used or hot glue. The star is hot glued to the top. To make this craft even easier for your residents, you can start each pre-cut burlap ribbon at the top of their cone for them ahead of time.